Hajj Packages

Hajj Guide

Any person intending to perform Hajj opts for either one of the three types of Hajj :

  • First Umrah, then Hajj with another Ihram-this type of Hajj is called HAJJ AL-TAMATTU and it is considered the best of the three forms of Hajj. It is the one that the Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) urged his followers to perform and is the one adopted by most pilgrims from overseas.
  • Umrah and Hajj with a single Ihram is called QIRAAN
  • Hajj only; without any Umrah is called IFRAAD
  • Once Tawaaf is complete, cover your right shoulder and offer 2 rakaats anywhere behind the Station of Ibrahim - or anywhere in the Haram: Recite Surat al-Kafirun in 1st raka'a and Surat al-Ikhlas in the 2nd raka'a.
  • Drink Zam-Zam water - Make Du'aa